Taught by: Vanessa Cesario

How To: Build A Media Kit

Vanessa Cesario walks you through the process of designing and strategizing a media kit: a key asset to landing clients and growing your business.

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Vanessa Cesario

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Media Kits

If you’re looking to bring your business to the next level but are unsure of where to start, consider creating your own media kit. A media kit is a document that concisely showcases your work, your M.O, and the reasons why you should be hired or considered for that next exciting freelance opportunity ;). Through this course, you will learn how to speak directly to future collaborators or clients by optimizing a well-designed document that best exemplifies everything you are capable of!

This 4-part module is done at your own pace. This course also includes media kit templates! Once modules are released, you can access them at any time for as long as SCHOOL is online.


Why You Need a Media Kit?

What is a media kit?:

  • A tool used to showcase your capabilities and experiences to new clients/collaborators, ultimately supporting the cause of getting hired + negotiating more money
  • A document that concisely illustrates who you are and what you do, and something that clients can reference when considering you for a project
  • An opportunity to ‘flex’ your accomplishments and projects you are most proud of
  • A place to showcase “social proof”, via testimonials, past work, or quotes from any media features

Who needs one?:

  • Creative entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Talent
  • Anyone who offers services


The Anatomy of a Media Kit.
  • Breakdown of a media kit: In this video, Vanessa will walk you through her media kit, outlining all of the important elements that should be incorporated into yours. She will also explain the anatomy of a media kit, and outline why each unique section offers different benefits to your business or professional practice. This module also includes worksheets so you can start pulling together all the different components of your media kit.


Media Kit Creation Demo
  • Demo: Optimizing two different design templates that are provided to you in this module, Vanessa will explain how you can customize your media kit to suit your brand image and your unique work samples.


How to Use a Media Kit to Your Advantage.
  • What should I do with my kit?: Vanessa will explain how your media kit is a flexible tool that will help you land dream clients and up-sell existing clients.

  • Pitching: In this part of the video, Vanessa offers some tricks of the trade to help pitch media and future clients.

Vanessa Cesario

Vanessa Cesario

Vanessa is a creative "multi-hyphenate" from Toronto, Ontario. She is the Creative Director of Ūnika Swim and a freelance creative consultant, stylist & content creator.

A background in digital media and PR, combined with work experience throughout the years from both brand & creator sides have allowed her to expand her areas of expertise into many realms – including styling, creative direction, set design, and event planning. She has collaborated with a plethora of national and multinational brands including Lexus, Equinox, Sephora, Fujifilm, Expedia, and Adidas; and her work as a curator and creator of visual, fashion-related content has been recognized over the years by The Cut, WhoWhatWear, Toronto Life, Flare, & Fashion Magazine

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  • You offer services
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Star Star

Chi Chen, Toronto

Managing Director of 56.digital and Photographer

"Vanessa has always had a strong grasp of her brand and a keen eye for design. From working closely with small local brands to large international clients, she has invaluable experience on how to best present yourself and your brand. She understands what potential clients are looking for and how to differentiate yourself through the content and design of your media kit."

Star Star
Star Star

Maram Aoudi, Toronto

Senior Social Media Manager, Too Faced

“I started working with Vanessa 4 years ago. The first time we met, I instantly gravitated to her professionalism and understanding of the influencer marketing industry. She had her finger on the pulse when it came to trends, but on top of that, she understood her importance to brands and how to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. She would present me with pitches that were curated to my clients' needs, and she understood what was needed from a brands perspective. Working with her has always been an incredible pleasure. I’m always confident that any campaign I work with her on will be on-brand, executed on time and with the most impact."

  Module 1: Why You Need a Media Kit
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  Module 2: The Anatomy of a Media Kit
days after you enroll
  Module 4: How to Use the Media Kit to Your Advantage
days after you enroll
  Live Q+A with Vanessa- Recording
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