Taught by: Chantel Chapman

Mindful Money

Chantel will teach you how to heal your relationship with money and release blocks that no longer serve you.

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Chantel Chapman

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Chantel Chapman is the coolest guest lecturer you’ll ever have. This course content has been designed exclusively for SCHOOL.

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Break up with bad money narratives!

This comprehensive course addresses spending, saving and earning behaviour and rewrites your personal money story through holistic healing and financial literacy knowledge. The first priority is to find out what is specifically wrong and then take steps to repair the issue

This 7-part module is done at your own pace. Once modules are released, you can access them at any time for as long as SCHOOL is online.


What is Money?
  • The History of Money: To really understand your relationship with money, we need to start with understanding the history of money and how that has impacted human evolution.
  • Your Money Story: If money is just something made up, can we tweak the story to make it work better for us? The answer is YES but you need to first understand other influencing external and internal narratives driving your own money story.


The Hedonic Treadmill
  • Consumerism: In this society we live in, we are raised to be consumers. Chantel shows you just how influential this economic narrative is and how the awareness of it can help set you free.
  • Addiction: Chantel explores how we use money to numb pain or escape boredom and the similarities between this behaviour and addiction.
  • The Hedonic Treadmill: Chantel will teach you about the hedonic patterns that we fall into that offer emotional satisfaction in the moment but can lead to regret and debt.
  • Money Disorders: Here, you will learn about the different money disorders such as overspending, hoarding, financial dependence, excess risk aversion and how to recognize the narratives that fuel them


The Money Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation for Overspending: One of the best tools for overspending is to have the ability to drop into a place of calm and create some space between the hijacked brain making emotional decisions. Meditation will help you build this ability.
  • Breathing: Many people actually breath in a shallow way which can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. Connection to a calming breath is integral in healing our relationship with money.
  • The Science of Gratitude: It’s pretty hard to be in a state of wanting when you are in a state of gratitude. Chantel will explain the science to this simple technique that will make you feel wealthy AF.


WTF is Credit
  • The History of Credit: Chantel will walk you through why humans even started using credit in the first place so you can truly understand how to use it in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling a dark cloud of shame every time the visa bill arrives.
  • The Anatomy of Credit: Here Chantel will explain the different types of credit vehicles available and how some products are actually built in a way to keep you in a cycle of debt.
  • Credit Score: Chantel will break down her 5-step program to an excellent credit score, and why a top-notch credit score is important for financial stability… but also why it does not define you.


Money For Entrepreneurs
  • Personal Credit and Business Loans: Chantel is going to tell you why your personal credit needs to be in top shape for your business.
  • Raising Money for Your Business: Chantel will break down debt and investor options and how you can prepare yourself to present your business to potential investors.


Advertising & Vision Planning
  • Advertising and the Brain: Before we dive into budgeting, Chantel is going to deepen your understanding on advertising and its power on the brain so you shop more consciously and from a place of control.
  • Vision Planning: Step one of conscious budgeting or cash flow planning is to do a self inventory on what you really value so you can organize your finances to elevate your vision versus distract you from it.


Budgeting Hacks & Cashflow Management
  • Budgeting Hacks: Can we all agree that budgeting sucks. Chantel will walk you through some budgeting hacks developed by behavioural scientists that will help you approach your money relationship with more ease.
  • Cashflow Management: Chantel will teach you how to budget in a way that will help you manifest the financial future that you want. Her cashflow management technique is an approachable tool to use for your personal finances or your business.
Chantel Chapman

Chantel Chapman

As the founder of W-T-Finances, Chantel Chapman is considered the money teacher you have have been waiting for; renowned for her edgy, relatable and soulful mindful money guidance. Drawing influence from 14 years of experience as a mortgage broker, 10 years as a financial literacy consultant, and extensive research in addiction, behavioral science and mindfulness, her distinct disciplines make learning about money the antithesis of anything you experienced through traditional schooling. Chantel recognized the need to explore the ties between addiction and money to help people heal, grow, and strengthen their relationship with their bank accounts. After completing meditation teacher training in India and Vancouver, intentional mindfulness for healing behavioural issues with money have become a core part of her financial literacy education. Chantel is also the co-founder of School by K&P.

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  • You overspend
  • You underspend
  • You undercharge
  • You're a financial avoidant
  • You have credit card debt
  • You're a freelancer or an entrepreneur
  • You love Chantel
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  • You want to support marginalized communities through our one-for-one model
Star Star
Star Star

Anita C, Vancouver

Founder of In Bed with Betty and WOC Talks

"Chantel's money education has a way of helping others make sense of cents (and dollars, and credit, etc.). With such a serious and often daunting topic, she keeps things lighthearted, and dare I say- fun? Everyone leaves feeling more educated, and most importantly of all- empowered to take on the financial skeletons in their closet."

Star Star
Star Star

Alexa S, Vancouver

Founder of Studio Media Inc

"Chantel’s courses are fun, easy-to-understand, and make learning about finances more insightful and practical than any other course I’ve experienced. Both applicable to business and personal finances, I’ve found them to be an invaluable asset to my current and future financial planning."

  Module 3: The Money Meditation
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