Taught by: Jamal Burger

Turning Passion into Purpose

Jamal Burger discusses combining your skills with your interests, through a narrative on how he has unlocked opportunities by pursing his passions.

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Jamal Burger discusses combining your skills with your interests, through a narrative on how he has unlocked opportunities by pursuing his passions.

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Jamal Burger

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Jamal Burger is the coolest guest lecturer you’ll ever have. This course content has been designed exclusively for SCHOOL.

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Master what you do

If you are looking to bridge the gap between your passions and skills, this course is for you! Jamal will use his own journey to walk you through how you can discover your passions, skills and then turn them into purposeful work.

This 3-part module starts the day you purchase it and can be done at your own pace. Once modules are released, you can access them at any time for as long as SCHOOL is online.


Finding Purpose
  • Discovery: Jamal Burger, the man behind the photography brand Jayscale and the founder of The Kickback Project, walks us through his own path of discovery. His story will prompt you to look inwards and discovery your own passions.
  • Happiness: Jamal shares how checking in with what truly makes him happy has helped him prioritize and optimize the right skills.
  • Shifting Perspectives: When creating the vision for your career, shifting perspectives could encourage you to circle back to the things that you didn't realize mattered the most. There is an element of deprogramming that needs to take place to get us back to what we truly connect to, find fun and meaningful.


Bridging the Gap Between Skills and Passions
  • Skills and Interests: There is always a way to put together the skills you possess, and the practices you take the most interest in. Jamal will walk through his approach to doing this.
  • Self Awareness: Your understanding of self is what will project you further and further into what you find yourself most passionate about. Understanding who you are enhances your outlook on life, you start to see deeper and stronger connections, and you become more driven to make the most out of what you love doing.
  • Creating Purpose: After realization and connecting to the inventory of your skills, Jamal will walk you through you how your skills and interests combined can lead to something of purpose.


Defining Your Focus: Building Your Brand
  • Defining Your Focus: Now that you know where you want to go, Jamal will show you how to get there using his 40% skill // 30% // network // 30% brand formula.
  • Building Your Brand: Jamal will share some of his best tips for brand building.

Jamal Burger

Jamal Burger

Sneaker-loving photographer Jamal Burger or Jayscale as he’s known in the digital world has been using his camera as a gateway to self awareness. Jamal has worked with Livestock, Nike, the LA Lakers to name a few and still remains connected to his purpose of service. By way of photography, he’s unlocked opportunities surrounding his ultimate passion: philanthropy. Jamal recently founded The Kickback Project , an initiative utilizing the sneaker culture to put brand new, lightly worn sneakers into the hands of adolescents who would make the most out of them.


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Chantel Chapman, Vancouver

Founder of SCHOOL by K&P

"I was incredibly excited to work with Jamal on his course for School by K&P based on his story but hearing more of his insights in the making of this course blew me away. He takes the word "impact" to a whole new level. He is impactful in running a successful business but more importantly, making a difference in peoples lives."

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Star Star

Dani Reynolds, Toronto

Art director, set stylist, photographer

"I've watched Jamal's career path unfold beautifully. His dedication to giving back all while living his passion of photography and then integrating the two is inspiring."

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This 3-part module starts the day you purchase it and can be done at your own pace.
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